Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Why do some garments take longer to process than others?

Standard items such as suits and shirts can usually be processed within 24 hours of drop off at one of our locations. Speciality items take a little longer to process as often these items must be cleaned and process individually to ensure high quality standards and the safety of the garment. As well items with staining require extra time in order to work on and treat the stains to produce the best possible quality.

2) What does the "Best Possible" tag on my order mean?

A best possible tag will only be placed on your garments by a member of the management team or ownership. This tag means that your garments remaining stains have been treated and tested but no further progress can be made in the removal of the stain. This often happens because of the conditions the garment has been in, the age of the stain or garment, the material of the garment, etc. Trust us when we say a best possible garment has been given the same if not more attention than others.

3) What does "More Time" mean on my garment?

Often we put "More Time" on garments that have come in for same day cleaning or 24 hour cleaning that have various spots or soiled marks on them. These items have been cleaned and processed but due to the amount of time given we are not about to focus enough on the staining on the garments. These stains will usually have a good chance at being removed with the extra time, and there is no addition cost to send a garment back for more time.

4) Why are "Press Only" Garments and "Clean and Press" items so close in cost?

"Press only" items are close in cost to "clean and press" garments due to the fact that the pressing of a garment is the physical labour being put into the clothing. If you think about it in terms of your own laundry it is a lot more time consuming to fold the garments than it is to put them into the washer. As well with "press only" garments the clothing can be over-dried, or more wrinkled than clothing coming out of a machine onsite. For this reason these clothes can actually be quite a bit harder to press than the others. 

5) What does "Hand Finish" shirt mean and why does it cost extra?

At Deluxe Dry Cleaners we have different pricing for regular men's dress shirts, custom dress shirts and woman's blouses. This occurs due to what we call "Hand Finishing" which applies to the custom dress shirts and woman's blouses. Regular men's dress shirts fit on a machine that will press and finish the garment with ease. Unfortunately many blouses and custom shirts do not fit on this machine safely. Due to this these shirts are hand pressed by Deluxe staff members which takes significantly more time to complete. This extra time for hand finishing is where the extra costs are incurred for these types of garments.