Professional Leather and Suede Cleaning

Deluxe Dry Cleaners has always offered Nova Scotia professional and experienced Leather and Suede cleaning.

Why Let Deluxe Clean My Leather or Suede?

1. Confidence:

Deluxe is one of the only companies within Nova Scotia who cleans their own Leathers and Suedes. Most of our competitors offer Leather and Suede cleaning services but very few of them clean their own Leathers and Suedes. Skins brought to these business are shipped to an independent cleaner in Ontario and shipped back to Nova Scotia once completed. We are confident enough in our abilities to clean and process our own work!

2. Timely:

Leathers and Suedes cleaned at Deluxe Dry Cleaners under normal circumstances take about 1-2 weeks to process properly. Often due to the fact that our competitors ship their Leathers and Suedes to another company the process can take up to 6 weeks. That's 4 extra weeks you could be wearing your garment!

4. GreenEarth Cleaning:

A Leather or Suede is a skin, and like your own skin you want to treat it right. The silicon solution used in GreenEarth can be found in many cosmetics such as make-ups and even lip balms. Notice these are things you put on your own skin. So if it's safe for you, you can be assured it's safe for your garments. The process is Environmentally Friendly, Gentle, Odourless and Non-Allergenic. You'll also notice that the dyes in your Leathers and Suedes will stick around a lot longer with GreenEarth!

3. Not Just Leather and Suede Cleaners:

Deluxe Dry Cleaners is more than a Leather and Suede cleaner. We handle all types of skins and furs. With the GreenEarth cleaning process we are able to gently clean and process most items that are comprised of animal materials. That ranges from outerwear (Leather and Suedes) to rugs and mats (sheep skins, etc.)