Employment Opportunities:

Below find a list of job types found at Deluxe Dry Cleaners. While we might not have any open positions at a job you are interested in we are always willing to accept resumes in case a position opens in the near future. If you would like us to keep a resume on file please let us know!

Quality Control Technician:

Our Quality Control Technician is critical in making sure that our garments receive all the final touches. As the last eyes to see the garments before they are given back to the customer trust and attention to detail are the biggest keys to fill this position.

Responsibilities Include-
- Looking for remaining stains or trouble areas and having them treated or addressed
- Making sure the garments are properly pressed (looking over the garments for wrinkles or crease marks that need to be removed)
- Packaging the orders to be delivered to customers
- Following any special requests or procedures clients might ask for
- Making sure the proper pricing is on the orders

Customer Fabricare Representative:

Our front line position that deals directly with our clients. A friendly attitude and Customer Service experience is a bonus!

Responsibilities Include-
- Interacting and Engaging with Clients
- Identifying trouble areas on items such as wear/damage and staining
- Sorting and tagging garments based on the type
- Communicating information between the production facility and the client
- Handling cash/debit/credit purchases and balancing a cash
- Keyholding

Delivery Driver: 

Like driving and dealing face to face with contracts, clients and other employees? This could be the job for you. We have a number of different deliveries that take place in the run of a week. Valid Nova Scotia license necessary (must be over the age of 25).

Responsibilities Include-
- Following all Nova Scotia driving laws
- Picking up and delivering garments to and from our various locations.

- Keeping vehicle in good standing order (clean and working)
- Helping out with various tasks around production facility when free


Have a good eye for detail? Help make the people of Nova Scotia look sharp! Our pressing staff is held to the highest standard, we want our customers to feel and look good in their clothing.

Responsibilities Include-
- Ironing and Pressing wrinkles out of processed garments (ranges from ties to wedding dresses)
- Looking for any remaining stains that might need to be removed
- Arranging finished products on production line to be sent to our Quality Control Techs.


Experienced with a needle and thread? Deluxe Dry Cleaners is currently looking to add a tailor/seamstress to its staff. The Tailor would operate out of one of our 6 Metro locations and provide fast, quality repair work to all of our clients in Metro. (Responsibilities would be similar to our Customer Fabricare Representative position with the inclusion of tailoring and repair work).

Plant Manager/Dry Cleaner:

Have management or industry experience? We are always looking for forward thinking individuals to join our team. Leadership is a requirement as a good Plant Manager must be able to keep the rest of the staff focused on the tasks as well as happy.

Responsibilities Include-
- Opening and Closing of the production facility
- Managing a staff of 10+

- Learning/performing dry cleaning duties (sorting garments, loading machines, spotting stains)
- Dealing with customer questions or issues
- Keeping staff happy and on task
- Getting work for the day completed in a timely manner
- General equipment maintenance 

Find a job interesting? Click the link below and send us an e-mail with an attached resume!

Deluxe Dry Cleaners Job Opportunities