Deluxe Dry Cleaners has provided Nova Scotia and all of Atlantic Canada with professional disaster restoration services for over 30 years. Sometimes after a fire or flood a home owner will become concerned with how their clothing, bedding and cherished items will be handled. At Deluxe we allow customers to be there every step of the way in order to gain input into processing and handle any special requests they might have. Our disaster restoration sector is experienced in the business and will have no problems explaining the treatment needed to safely restore your items.

Should you find yourself in a situation where you need a qualified dry cleaner to handle your garments and other materials after such a situation do not hesitate to contact us at (902) 468-8856. As well if you are currently dealing with another company and have any questions or concerns about how the work is being handled we can try and answer your questions to the best of our ability.

The Deluxe Dry Cleaners Advantage

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning
Deluxe Dry Cleaners is the Only GreenEarth Dry Cleaners in mainland Nova Scotia. Our cleaning process is 
Environmentally Friendly, Odourless and Non-allergenic. Meaning its good for you and your clothing. The process is Gentle which is important; your clothing has been through a lot! Even better with GreenEarth your colours will last longer and turn out brighter.

Professionalism & Experience
Our Disaster Restoration section has been operational for over 25 years. This means that your questions and concerns are handled by industry professionals who know what they are talking about. We also realize that this is your home, and getting it back to the way it was is our main goal. We put matting on the floors for protection and even take our shoes off! It's your home and we respect that. You can always trust that your garments are packaged and processed in such a manner that no harm comes to them. Upon completion of the job items that were taken from a room are returned back to that specific room to help alleviate some of the work of the home owner.

How is Restoration Work Processed at Deluxe Dry Cleaners?

1. The first step to any restoration job is to meet with the home owner and address any concerns or answer any specific questions they might have.

2. Next we process the "Rush" items. Most jobs require "Rush" work which usually consists of day to day clothing that they client will need to "get by" until the job is completed. These items are put aside and processed on their own to ensure a quick turnaround and return.

3. We arrange a time to pick-up all soft content (clothing/materials) within the house hold covered by the job. The time it takes to package a job depends on its size, but a job can usually be packed within a business day.

4. Each room that has been approved for packaging is listed individually. All contents from each room are listed by a trained restoration specialist. This ensures that the contents from that particular room are returned to that room upon completion of the job. Bags that the contents are stored in are also numbered and labelled for quality control. A diagram of the house hold is taken by the restoration specialist. This image of the house is used to help keep track of content, which room they came out of and to help us when returning your materials.

5. Work is completed at our central cleaning facility at 101 Ilsley Avenue in Burnside. Clients are more than welcome to stop by and check on the progress of their jobs and talk with the cleaners should they have any questions. Any jobs that deal with a lot of water (ex: flood jobs) are usually processed in a timely fashion due to the nature of the work. This is to hedge any issues that might arise with water soaked clothing. Jobs that deal with soots and dusts (ex: fire jobs) are processed to remove the soots and also any smells that can "cling" to the clothing. Items that have particular smells may be processed in our "Ozone" room which uses equipment that reacts with the molecules producing the smells and eliminates them.

6. Once the house is ready to be moved back in we will arrange a time with the client to deliver the job. All content that has been removed will be returned to the rooms that it was removed from. While we do try and keep all rooms separate upon delivery items may not be placed exactly where they were taken from. We always recommend clients go through their clothing once it has been received.