Deluxe Dry Cleaners and GreenEarth Cleaning

In 2009 Deluxe Dry Cleaners purchased its first GreenEarth dry cleaning machine and never looked back. As of 2014 the company now has 2 GreenEarth machines to satisfy the increased demand for a more environmentally friendly dry cleaning option in Nova Scotia. Deluxe is the only company currently using the solution in mainland Nova Scotia. Deluxe Dry Cleaners knows that as we move forward we need to become are more sustainable company and the pursuit of cleaner technologies is the key to the equation.

Want more information on the silicon solution used with GreenEarth Cleaning? Read THIS LINK for an article written by Environment Canada declaring the solution "Not harmful to the environment'.

What is GreenEarth Cleaning?

Take a moment a view the video below released by GreenEarth, It explains how using a GreenEarth dry cleaners can help not only the environment but also help your clothing last longer! It also gives very good insight into the differences between traditional dry cleaners and GreenEarth dry cleaners.

The Benefits:

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Traditional dry cleaners use a chemical called PERC or perchloroethylene. PERC is classified as a Toxic Air Contaminant and carefully regulated. GreenEarth on the other hand is a silicone solution made from the by-product of sand. The silicone can be safely reused and recycled so there is no contamination to the air or the ground. When recycled the product simply is broken down into its main components; water, carbon dioxide and sand.

ODOURLESS - Because GreenEarth does not use petrochemicals it does not produce that "dry cleaning smell" on your garments. Its nice on both your clothes and your nose!

GENTLE - The process is very gentle with garments due to the lack of petrochemicals. Because the GreenEarth process does not use water as an additive you will also notice minimal, if any, shrinkage on your garments. As well clothing labelled "Do Not Dry Clean", and other items such as beaded or trimmed items can safely be cleaned with GreenEarth. Animal skins cleaned in GreenEarth tend to retain their soft feeling for a longer time.

BRIGHTER BRIGHTS - You'll notice with GreenEarth your whites won't yellow in cleaning, colours will last longer and darks will stay dark. The silicone solutions is much safer for your garments and the dyes that have been applied to them by the manufacturer.

NON-ALLERGENIC - For customers who are sensitive to smells, or have allergies to methods used by traditional dry cleaners the GreenEarth process is a breath of fresh air. The process is also very good for people with sensitive skins as the silicone solution is non-irritating.

Find out more about GreenEarth Dry Cleaning technologies and how they are here for you by visiting their website!