Wedding Dress and Gown Cleaning and Preservation


Deluxe Dry Cleaners has specialized in cleaning wedding dresses for over 25 years now. Dresses might take up to 2 weeks to process, but can often be done sooner if requested. The reason it can take up to 2 weeks is that we want to produce the best possible product for you. This means that more often than not we will process a wedding dress multiple times using multiple methods to remove all possible types of staining that can be found on the dress (with special attention to the bottom of the dress). These methods usually involve Wet-cleaning (a highly controlled wet-side cleaning) and/or Dry Cleaning the dress. With our new GreenEarth cleaning process the risks of cleaning these types of dresses has been lowered to a minimal as no more harsh petrochemicals are exposed to your garment.

Deluxe Dry Cleaners is Nova Scotia's leader in environmentally friendly dry cleaning and exclusive rights holder to GreenEarths silicon based solution. That also means your dress will be processed using an odourless product, great for your dress and your nose.


Unfortunately at this time we are still unable to secure preservation boxes from our supplier. We are sorry for this issue and are actively trying to find new alternatives.

Deluxe Dry Cleaners offers Wedding Dress and Gown preservation as well. Preservation includes packaging your cherished dress so that it can be safely stored. This involves cleaning the dress, pressing the dress, and boxing it.

At Deluxe we offer 2 different types of Wedding Dress boxes. All Wedding Dress boxes come with a window in the front for viewing of the dress while it is in storage:

1. Acid Neutral - Standard packaging box used for short-term storage. Will protect the dress from dusts and dirts. Dress will be protected from yellowing in storage as long as dress is not stored for a long period of time.

2. Acid Free - Specialized packaging box used for long-term storage. Will protect the dress from dusts and dirts. Dress will be protected from yellowing in storage for a longer period of time than our Standard Acid Neutral boxes as box contains no acids.